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Mayor's Arborist Advisory Committee- April 27, 2022

Dana Anne Yee, FASLA was sworn in as a Board / Commissioner Member on the Mayor's Arborist Advisory Committee on April 27, 2022 guided by the Exceptional Tree Act 105 and the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu, Chapter 41,, Article 13, Protective Regulations for Exceptional Trees. on behalf of the Community and Honorable Mayor Rick Blangiardi. Dana is proud to represent ASLA Hawai`i and the firm of Dana Anne Yee, Landscape Architect, LLC. on the committee.

A current project of Dana's is the Elks Lodge No. 616. This photo, in front of the Elks Lodge No. 616 in Waikiki, of the Exceptional Ironwood Trees from the 1800's.

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