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Flowers blooming all year round!  This could just be everyone’s dream garden.  Under the owners meticulous care, flowers seem

to be blooming in abundance and plants seem to flourish in his garden.


The front garden was planted to create a feeling of a meadow, with many Paper Bark Trees and moss rocks.  Their morning walks are welcomed with a plethora of yellow and purple flowers of the ‘African Iris’ that seem to dance around the Paper Bark Trees, profusely blossoming.  The beautiful white flowers of the Stephanotis Vines that gracefully drape over the trellises fill the air with their sweet fragrance. Pink and White Azaleas are constantly showing off their pretty flowers outside their bedroom windows.


The owners are often asked to provide the handiwork of her flower arrangements which she so effortlessly does by picking flowers

and greens from their own backyard.  And every holiday is celebrated at the Owner's house with flowers and leaves of the season on display at the dining room table and throughout the house.


In the 1960’s owners dedicated his free time to building his own Koi pond.   Pinwheel Gardenias were carefully placed and their white paper blossoms seem to twinkle like stars over the water.  A stately Geometry Tree proudly frames the waterfall.  The Native Hawaiian Carex shrub was perfectly planted to lean over the wooden deck, which were exactly cut to meet the moss rock edges of the pond.  Rhapis Palms and blue Irises add a nice touch to the backdrop of the pond as they act as a screen for their garage wall.  The Owners prized Tillandsia’s proudly hang on the trellis over the pond.


Everyone who passes though the front gate to the courtyard marvel at how beautiful Owner's garden is.  A welcoming sight in the courtyard is a Pomegranate Tree, covered with orange blossoms that profusely provide fruit.  The variety of native Hawaiian ‘Akia shrubs cannot be more glorious!  Once in the garden, there is a wall of Tillandsia Bromeliads that interact with the artistic ceramic

art works of Hal Lum.  It is a beautiful fence of multi-colored Tillandsia flowers.  Pink and orange flowering ‘Miss Manila’ Bougainvillea

and the occasional Purple Bougainvillea are also located in potted containers strategically placed around their garden.


All the plants seem so happy under the owners care as their garden grows.

The Niu Valley Residence received a Betty Crocker Landscape Award of Excellence, sponsored by Scenic Hawai‘i. 

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