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Seven years after the initial successful Hokulani Elementary School landscape project, a new revitalization has taken place.  Funds were provided through a Kaulunani Urban Forestry Grant Program.  This brought Hokulani students, parents, neighbors, staff and many volunteers and supporters together to give the garden a much needed fresh beginning.

Here is a little history of this public school located at the base of Saint Louis Heights: In the year 1999, from a patch of mowed grass and weeds which was void of any character, or spirit, a Peace Garden was created at Hokulani Elementary School.  The students had expressed a need for a garden that they could enjoy.  They wanted a tranquil place where they could read and gather and a welcoming entrance to school. So after years of planning and brainstorming of fresh ideas at student meetings, the Peace Garden developed.  Many groups of people were involved in the planning phase of this school project.  Planting days were formed in which students, parents, support organizations, staff, teachers, volunteers and the community worked together.  Fund raising was done through grants and generous donations. A Peace Garden grew.  This Peace Garden centered around the creativity of the student’s, one-of-a-kind artistic stepping stones that radiated in a circular pattern. This circular pattern represented; growth, challenge and the future.

Hokulani Elementary School is proud to help to create a sustainable landscape that will preserve our limited natural resources and help to plan for future generations.  And most of all, the Peace Garden is helping to continue to teach a whole new generation of children to protect and nurture our beautiful Hawai’i.

The students of Hokulani once again take pride in their new Peace Garden and Hawaiian Garden as they watch their garden grow.  They share in the pride that the garden is a product of their own creation and imagination.  They are now excited to see their garden grow are continuously learning more about Native plants.

Hokulani Elementary School Peace Garden received an ASLA Award of Honor in 2000.  

Hokulani Elementary School received an Award of Excellence from the Betty Croker Landscape Awards in 2007.

Hokulani Elementary School Peace Garden and Hawaiian Garden Phase II received an ASLA Award of Merit in 2009.

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