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The Hawaiʻi Film Studio has a new 30,000 s.f. home.  It consists of 4 new buildings and native, edible, and inspirational gardens to benefit the people who make up the film industry in Hawaiʻi.  This new setting replaces the original studio from 1968 that consisted of old termite infested bungalows that were not code-compliant or ADA accessible on this sloped site. 

Located in this blazing hot location of Diamond Head planting shade trees was important. Both native trees and relocated field stock Plumeria Trees, were planted in just the right place.  Low impact features were designed including a rain garden of native ground covers and shrubs,

which were planted along the river rock bed. 

With cost being a factor, the landscape was of prime importance in connecting the new modular buildings to create an indoor / outdoor atmosphere.  The planting of shade tolerant trees, natives, edibles, and fragrant plants changed this hot atmosphere to a cooling peaceful environment, that may help to inspire and influence the studio people in their filming of our beautiful Hawaiʻi.

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