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After providing years of beautiful lavender paper flowers, the Sandpaper Vine, that has graced the entrance of Bob and Bertie Lee's Nuʻuanu home,

had become overgrown and top heavy. Dr. and Mrs. Lee wanted a new look to their garden. This was the start of their desire to revitalize the landscape.

The Lee family had moved into this architecturally designed house in the 60s, with a driveway lined with unkempt Red Ti Leaf plants. Mrs. Lee had mentioned that she never liked the Red Tis, so these were removed and some were relocated for good luck around the house.

Green, white, and lavender were the palette for the new planting. In keeping with the green and white theme, Native Hawaiian Tree Ferns, White Gingers, and White Impatiens were planted and the existing white Hydrangea, lavender Agapanthus, and Dr. Lee's favorite blue Gingers were

relocated, pruned, and arranged to give the garden a more cohesive look. Lavender Bougainvillea shrubs replaced the orange and pink colors,

of the "Miss Manila" Bougainvillea.

The garden near the Nuʻuanu Stream was cleaned out and overgrown plants were removed or relocated. Giant Heliconias and Monstera were

planted in groupings near the bridge and Giant Heliconias with Gingers, and White Impatiens were planted at the base of the residential walls

to add to the framing of the view of this beautiful Nuʻuanu residence.

Mrs. Lee is an active member with the Garden Club of Honolulu, a teacher of flower arrangements, and most impressively a national award winning flower arranger. She is now able to utilize some of her own flowers and interesting green leaf shape plants and other plant materials for her masterpiece flower arrangements. The garden is now an inspiration to her for her creations and a welcoming garden for the family to enjoy and highlighting Dr. Lee's favorite Blue Gingers.

The Dr. Bob and Bertie Lee received an Award of Honor from the Betty Crocker Landscape Awards sponsored by

Scenic Hawai‘i in 2009 and 2013.

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