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Dana Anne Yee, Landscape Architect, LLC.


Project Name: Straub Healing Garden
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Client: Straub Clinic & Hospital






Honolulu, Hawaii 

Located in the heart of Honolulu, on the second floor, overlooking Historical Thomas Square Park, will be a special healing garden.  This garden setting is filled with colorful flowers and soothing scents from the fragrant plants and trees.  It is a place for patients, staff, family and friends to be together outside.  This garden will be planted with a specimen Madagascar Olive Tree, native Gardenia, ĎAkia, Fern, Pepperomia and flowering plants such as Gingers to fill all of the senses as patients visit with loved ones.  MacArthur Palms will be planted to help soften the tall building walls and coincidentally, their leaves resemble the Bamboo leaves on the hospital logo.

The granite topped curved seat walls allow for intimate, peaceful family gatherings under the shade of trees or an umbrella.  The garden will also be designed for a hospital bed to be rolled out so that patients might enjoy the garden.  The garden may also be viewed by patients from their hospital beds through the windows that look out to the garden.  The trickling of the water from the eased ledges of the granite waterfeature wall will add a tranquil sound to the gardens and, it too, can be seen by the patients from their hospital beds.  A glass rail provides the protection required by the building department code and it also serves both as a window to the Thomas Square Garden as well as a much needed wind break.  With the plan for landscape lighting to up-light the trees, the gardens will become a nice gathering place for future family events.

The Straub Healing garden has received a building department permit and is currently waiting on funding.

The hospital staff is excited about their future new Straub Healing Garden for their patients and they have been raising money for their much anticipated garden to come to life. 


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